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This starts a new category in this blog….food reviews! I may not be a “traditional” foodie but I know what I like and I thought I might try sharing some of that with all of you….and get your comments back to me.

That being said, Starry Kitchen is in downtown Los Angeles and serves up the most delightfully short and amazingly delicious menu possible. It’s a pretty simple ordering process – 3 steps really – pick your protein, pick your “vessel,” pick your side. Simply put, you choose a meat or other protein-y type substance, decide what form you want it in – wrap, bowl, salad, etc. – and pick a side dish (my tip – if you like garlic, go for the garlic noodles…you won’t be sorry!). There’s a dessert or two as well, along with a couple of appetizer possibilities. Already confused? Not to worry…Nguyen, one of the owners, will be more than happy to guide you through the chalk-board menu.

The menu changes every week or so and the item or items you loved this week may or may not be there next week when you come back for more. If you like it, ask when it’ll be leaving the menu and then come back often before then.

I had the seared tuna salad, the flan for dessert (actually, a celebration by the owners of my birthday) and some rice cakes to start off with. My companions both had the Nom Nom Pork in sandwich form and boy, was it yummy, with a little miniature fried rolled-up thingy added to give it some texture and crunch. The sandwiches are good sized and plenty big enough to eat for a lunch. My salad was refreshingly fresh and the tuna was nicely lightly seared; the dressing was light and tasty and the flan, oh the flan, what can I say about the flan? The flan was smooth and creamy on my tongue and my mouth was ecstatic the entire time I was eating it. Is that a good enough description of heaven in my mouth?

Starry Kitchen is right next to the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in downtown LA – if you take the subway, get off at the Pershing Square stop, take the Angels’ Flight funicular to the top of the hill, walk past the big fountain and it’ll be there on your right. They close after lunch at 3PM and reopen for dinner later but if you’re wanting a lunch-time bite before going to check out Andy Warhol at the MOCA, this would be the place to stop.

Nguyen and KN, I’ll be back!

Starry Kitchen
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