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When I began this adventure on the road in 2009, I had three cats and big ol’ Golden Retreiver. These four beings stayed with me throughout the remainder of their lives here on Planet Earth, first moving from our 3-bedroom 2 bath ranch-style (foreclosed) home into my 1996 Mitsubishi Montero, and then into one of two trailers I pulled until July 2016.

Max the Cat (the tabby), Thelma and Louise (the hell-on-wheels tuxedo-kitty sisters), and Dinah Dog (the Golden Retriever) were the best little travelers I could have ever wished for. They kept me company, gave a purpose to my dark days, and allowed me to accompany them during their final years before they left for the Rainbow Bridge.

Here are Louise and Dinah; I’ll add Max and Thelma soon.

June 2012:  Louise the Cat decided to leave Planet Earth very unexpectedly on June 5th, the same day, the same time as the Venus Transit was happening.  Perhaps she wanted to ride on a star and saw Venus moving across the sun and just took off… who knows?  In any event, she is no longer with us on this journey in her physical form – she joins the others that travel with us in spirit only.  R.I.P. my intrepid traveler.  You were the most awesome cat girl ever to go on the road with me and you lived your life as only you could.  

Louise, you will always be in my heart.

Read a little more about Louise here.

* * * * * * *

January 2014:  My Dinah Dog left her physical body last August 6, 2013.  Although I have written many blog posts about her, I have not been able to bring myself to update this page.  I miss her physical presence terribly.  I want to pet her fluffy head one more time.  I want to see her run down the walkway towards me as I wave my arms for her to see me (she lost her hearing several years ago and we practiced DSL – doggie sign language).  I want to fix her dinner at 5 o’clock and have her eat it like there will never be another meal.  I still cry many tears, especially as I’m driving down the road, and while I wish it wasn’t so, she has indeed left Planet Earth to walk among the stars with all the other animal spirits. 

Dinah GirlMy heart will always belong to you, Dinah Girl.  Always.