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me ina hatI started this blog in June 2010 not long after my life began going through some major changes: within a few short months, my dad unexpectedly died, my house foreclosed, my car was repossessed, I filed bankruptcy, my job and business were gone, one of my dogs died, and my health took a major nose-dive.  In an attempt to make some sense out of what was happening, I decided to write a blog, even though I’d never been and never wanted to be a “writer.”  It turned out that this writing helped me drag my wretched being out of the dark ditch I found myself in, so I continued to allow the words in my brain to fall out of the tips of my fingers.

I even thought it might be funny to print up some t-shirts with “I Survived the Worst that Life had to Throw at Me and now I’m Playing a New Game!” and I could give them away to other people I knew who were experiencing some of the same things.

Instead, I wrote words… and by writing from my stream of consciousness, I found myself hoping to share what helped me make it through to the other side of all that crap.

You see, as long as I can remember, I’ve loved all the crazy, wild things that make my adrenaline rush, my heart beat fast, my breath begin to shorten; but these days, I’m just as fond of a good meal, a great cup of coffee, a sunset on the beach and a dog lying by my feet as I am of the insane stuff that makes me think my life is going to end this very moment. It’s always an adventure (some day, I think I might be able to say that about even the raw, ugly parts) and most days I don’t ever want that adventure to end.

This blog is about some wildly diverse stuff – vintage trailers/cars with too many miles on them, vegan food/non-vegan food, road trips/staying in one place, random observations/mindful contemplations.  It’s also about making it through the rough patches of life, and it’s about finding the adventure in every day, no matter what you’re doing. It’s about finding the possibilities in each and every moment, and knowing that no matter how dark it looks out there, there’s a light up ahead and it’s shining brightly – and guess what, it’s not a freight train! It’s about hope, and it’s about being human. It’s about our lives here on Planet Earth – and since I never know from one day to the next what I’ll find, my blog reflects that same freaky randomness.

My heart sings when I travel, when I write, when I meet people, when I tell stories, when I eat food.

And I want you to do what makes your heart sing, too…

Are you with me?

Maybe it’s time to go get those t-shirts printed up…

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