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One of the coolest roller coaster rides I’ve ever been on is the X2 at Magic Mountain in Southern California.

We stood in line, in 100 degree weather, for about 2 hours to ride this thing and until you get almost to the end of the line, you can’t even see what it is that you’re going to ride!

Even watching it, when you can get to where to see it, you don’t get the full feeling of what it is you’re going to experience. There’s screaming everywhere, no more on this one than any other ride at MM, and the people coming off the ride don’t give you a sense of what their experience was – no big, huge, silly grins; no “yay! let’s do it again!”; no real changes in their expressions over what you saw while you were standing in line with them for the last 120 minutes.

So we step up, get in, get our safety equipment checked, and the ride takes off. Fairly early in the ride, it takes you high up and then straight down to the ground – you are literally looking at the ground as it seemingly rises up to meet you! The technical description aside (you can find a great synopsis of the ride itself and the types and numbers of turns, etc. here, the ride itself was a smooth transition between flying frontwards where you saw the people in front of you actually in front of you, and being turned around to where the people in front of you are now in back of you. Or is it? The heat from the flame throwers is a nice, warm touch, and adds another sensory element to an otherwise very unexpected, nice, smooth roller coaster ride. 

The funny/interesting thing was that once it was over, all you felt like was that the ride was amazingly, fantastically awesome…. you know how some coasters sling you around and make you feel like you’ve just been through a brutal physical/mental experience? X2 doesn’t do that….it was one of the smoothest rides I’ve ever been on – we went on to Goliath and of course, Colossus, both of which are great coasters on their own, but as an experience, X2 beats them hands down. I’m so glad we started the day at Magic Mountain with the X2.

Now I know why it was impossible to read the faces of the people coming off the ride ahead of us….

Check out this youtube of the actual ride (the first minute or so is getting into the car/seat and then the ride starts).

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