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Sometimes I am overwhelmed by the amount of change that has happened in my earthly life over the last couple of years….most of it comes under the human heading of “loss” but truth is, I pretty much know where all of it is so I don’t call it lost. If I list them, I am amazed….so here goes:

  1. my dad (death)
  2. my dog and 2 cats (death)
  3. my job/career of 20+ years
  4. my coffee shop business (closure and fire sale)
  5. my car (repossession)
  6. my house (foreclosure)
  7. my credit-rating (bankruptcy)
  8. my belongings and possessions (mostly given away)
  9. my health
  10. my weight
  11. my energy
  12. my collections (dolphins, cook books, coffee cups)
  13. my friends
  14. my family
  15. my support system
  16. my place of residence

There’s more but that’s enough.

In this transformation that’s taking place in my life/soul and the going-away-from-me of stuff, once in awhile I feel the huge empty space that was filled up with all the above.

And I’m left thinking “what now?”

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