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So….. my challenge for myself for the month of February is to post a post a day….ooooh, say that three times real fast – post a post a day post a post a day post a post a day.  Sounds like the cadence for a marching band.  And that’s just what this is gonna be – a march through the month of February, 2011 with a rousing John Philip Souza march playing in the backgrounds of our minds, encouraging us to keep our feet moving, our toes tapping and our hands clapping.  What a way to go.  Hop on the marching band’s circus wagon ’cause we’re gonna have a heck of an adventure this month!

To start off with, let’s name our February band.  How about February’s Feel Good Band, or Rock On February, or The Ginger Rice Band, or Pick Me Up Again Band, or Trailer Trotters, or Play Me Again, February.  I’m sure I’ll think of something that’ll sound like the kick-up-your-heels kind of music-players that I’m picturing.  OH!  OH!  Here we go!  February’s Kids!  That’s it… Feb’s Kids!

So what are we all gonna do this month?  Well, we’ll eat food, play games, ride our bikes, feed the horses, cook up something tasty, hike around a lake or two, go to a farmers market down the street, eat more food, sit in the sun at the beach, go for a spin on our magic carpets, watch a gorgeous sunset, run around with a couple of little kids, eat some more food, find some great bargains at the yard sales, pick a few tangerines, dream a little (ok, a lot!), smile at everyone, start a few conversations with “strangers,” transport ourselves to exotic locations, real or imagined, pet the cat, pick up shells, and of course, my favorite of all, go to Disneyland!

In the meantime, come on back every day to see what rambles out of my brain…and then let me know what you think – post a comment, give me a Stumble, or send me some dark chocolate, or do all of them!  Looking forward to hearing from you – oh, and invite your friends!

Let’s get this party started!

Post-a-Day February
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