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Khadi is a young 2-1/2 year old Arab-quarterhorse who lives nearby and today was the first time that someone got on her back.

Khadi's owners, Tom and Margaret - Tom on her back, Margaret holding the lead rope

It’s amazing to watch the process it takes to get a horse ready to actually have someone ride on their backs, safely.  Margaret has had a number of baby horses on her ranch and Tom always gets the honor of being the first person to put their weight on the horse’s back.  Khadi was terrific today, letting Tom hang sideways on her from both sides before sitting upright in the saddle.  To me, she seemed more curious than annoyed and certainly wasn’t aggressive or angry…. I’m told that’s a good thing.

Isn’t it interesting how a horse’s attitude can make them so nice to work with or can make working with them just miserable?  Kinda like people, wouldn’t you say?

Khadi’s First Ride
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