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So my physical body has decided to go off on its own adventure – in this past week or so, it has been diagnosed with diabetes, colitis, and the highs – blood pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides – along with the on-going issues of fibromyalgia, headaches and too many pounds.

Now I’m off on another journey to get it feeling better than it is!

In the past, I’ve tried to approach my physical well-being from a somewhat natural frame of mind, using food, herbs, vitamins and minerals as well as other healing “stuff” from the natural world.  I’ve had what I call my “body team” – a group of practitioners that includes an acupuncturist, a naturopath, a chiropractor, a Thai massage therapist and a traditional massage therapist along with my medical doctor.  Along with connecting with my spiritual body, this is the direction I’m headed off into right now with all these “new” issues that have manifested themselves.

If you’ve got any extra healing energies lying around, say reiki or such, I would very much appreciate it if you’d send it my direction.  I’d also love to hear your stories of what you did to help your own bodies or someone you know who helped their earth suits become healthier.  But I’m going to be very honest here: I don’t want to hear stories of “how bad it can be” or any comments about “poor you” or wishes that “it could be better” – I only want the positive, up-beat, it-is-going-to-be-better, it-IS-better, happy, joyful, you-can-do-it kind of words here.  I will not hesitate to delete anything that bounces below the “up” line so please help me out here by not posting anything that’s not happy!  I’d love to have you in my circle of healers – because that’s what this is going to be about…. healing with fun and fun with healing!

Since I’ve committed to posting on my blog every day during February, I will follow-up this adventurous story with humor, updates, adventures, fun… oh, and lots of food.  Let’s see where this takes us, you and me, and let’s have some fun along the way.  I want your thoughts, comments, suggestions, and especially your recipes!  Join me and let’s set off on this adventure together!

New Adventure! Diabetes! Colitis! High Blood Pressure! …and More! Yay!!!
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4 thoughts on “New Adventure! Diabetes! Colitis! High Blood Pressure! …and More! Yay!!!

  • February 2, 2011 at 4:44 pm

    Ah this is an interesting challenge 🙂 I recently tried something called “ISO diet” I’m not overweight but felt “unhealthy” it worked really good.. it has to do with GI – so slow carbonhydrates. I love to make smoothies. If you’rediagnosed with diabetes things with sugar are no good, if you can eat yogurt – mix yogurt,raspberries (frozen) and a banana.. and a little milk. Top with some roasted pumpkin seeds.. I love to make oatmeal pancakes. Not thick, but thin.. tell me if you want the recipe 🙂 Good luck!!!!!

    • February 2, 2011 at 5:03 pm

      Thanks for the suggestions, Alexandra and YES, I do want the recipe for the pancakes! I eat almost that same yogurt combo for breakfast every day but I usually have blueberries 🙂 I’m gonna google the ISO diet, too…. what an adventure, huh!

      • February 3, 2011 at 8:33 am

        Let’s see 🙂 The thing is the recipe is measured in ml not cups. You’ll need 100ml rolled oates, 2 eggs, 200 ml milk (non fat), a little salt and 1 tea spoon butter.
        Mix the rolled oates in a mixer/blender. Wisk together the milk and eggs, add the melted butter, and then the oatmeal. Let it stand in the fridge for at least 30 minutes. Fry the pancakes in a non stick (teflon) frying pan – no butter or oil needed since you added some to the batter. Make medium sized, and turn them when you can see “bubbles”.. They’ll look like crepes – thin. Then you can serve them with raspberries or some fruit you like..
        Actually oatmeal is very healthy and good for the cholestrol levels, as far as I know. Sounds boring but make “porridge” haha! 100 ml of rolled oats, 200ml of water. Let it boil for three minutes, serve with milk, chopped almonds, sliced banana and cinnamon.
        Taking walks is good both for the body and soul 🙂 and I’ve heard singing is killing good for your body too 😉

  • February 3, 2011 at 5:21 pm

    Sounds perfect! Since all my measuring utensils are shown in both metric and our other system (whatever it;s called 🙂 ), I’ll be able to make this easily. In fact, I had oatmeal for breakfast this morning…. good stuff! Thanks again!

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