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So now it really is a new game.

I have discovered that the certifications that I worked so hard to get and so hard to maintain have expired.  I am no longer certified to do that which I have done for the past 20+ years.

In all the moving around, disposing of stuff, giving away my things, going on the road, I did not keep up with my certification requirements and now they are no longer valid.  Wow.

Adding to the list of stuff that’s gone away in the past couple of years is this – my identity, the validation of my skills and knowledge, my ability to respond to the emergency situations where I’ve helped people.  I am no longer a building inspector, plans examiner and code enforcement officer.  And I worked so hard to get there.

My first inclination is to say that the last piece of who I was is now gone and who do I think I’m going to be now?

It Really is a New Game
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