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Listening to an album by Daniel Nahmod – words about letting go, whatever happens, happens, flowing along like a river, being too stubborn to allow life to happen, letting the new replace the old, being free, releasing the old.  This feels like the next step in my own journey, the acceptance that I’ve always felt was there just below the surface, that the world really is my home, that I’m here to be there.  Is it?

“This very day, I’m stepping in.  I need to be free.  I will go where the wind will carry me, to be free.  I’m ready for the next thing to do, so bring it on, everything new.”

My brain keeps saying that I’m too old, too fat, too broke, too obligated, too <fill in the blank> to find my life’s purpose and what it is I’m doing here on Planet Earth.  Does it really matter at my age?  I mean, it’s not that long before I’m gone from here and moving on to the next thing.

Wow.  I think that was insightful.  What if what I’m here for is what I’ve been here for all along already?  What if what I’m here for is to know nothing and to move forward without the answers to whatever the question is?  What if I’m meant to be in a little trailer in the side yard of some friends in North County San Diego?  Is this really all there is?  Yes and yes.

Never Really Up to Me
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