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Today is Haiku Day at the WordCount 2013 Blogathon

Haiku is a three-line Japanese poem that has more rules than any other type of poem (so many, in fact, it's impossible to follow them all!) and is traditionally written about the four seasons.  However, welcome to the twenty-first century! These days, it seems, haiku is written about anything and everything, as long as it follows the prescribed number of syllables per line: 5-7-5.  It can be more complicated than that but I'm going to stick to the most simple haiku definition possible: 5-7-5. 

Here we go:


Come summer.  And stay.

Your sunshine blesses my soul

with it sweet bright warmth.


Summer has had a tough time making a regular show of its face here in the Pacific Northwest – it's here one day, gone the next; back again for a couple of days, then gone again.  I love it when the sun comes to stay and play for awhile and nothing says summer to me more than a kitty hiding out in the grass.  On one of our bright sunny summer days this past weekend, Kitty AJ Kitters showed us his best lurking technique – he knows how to do it well, don't you think? 

AJ Kitty Kitters in the grass
AJ Kitty Kitters lurks in the grass

Enjoy this fourth day of summer, wherever you are!  It's a wonderful new day!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Thanks to Michelle Rafter for coordinating this blogathon and for making it more fun with things like today's Haiku Day!  I've thoroughly enjoyed this past twenty-four days and look forward to six more before we wind this up.  Check out her page here – she just might have something there that's perfect for you. 


Come Summer… and Please Stay Awhile.
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