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One side up in the air, ready for a new tire

Li’l Homey got new shoes this week.  The ones she had were in perfect shape, with probably less than 2000 miles on them, but they were car tires with a very low profile and I kept dragging the tongue jack in parking lots and driveways.  So it was time to switch ’em out and get a real trailer tire.

Hub with hitchhiker webThe challenge came when I started trying to locate a 13″ tire.  A 13″ trailer tire, that is.  I even looked into replacing the wheels, too, but that became even more challenging since they’re 4-inch 4-lug hubs, virtually impossible to find – this little new-tire project of mine just kept getting bigger and bigger as I started considering changing out the hubs to 5-luggers.  No!  No!  All I wanted was a couple more inches of height!

Tightening the lugsAfter lots of research online and a bunch of visits to tire stores and other places looking for all the options, I settled on Discount Tire’s newest addition to its Carlisle line of trailer tires – it’s still a radial but built for a trailer and it had high ratings in all the reviews I read online.  Sounded good to me.  I made an appointment with the local guys and loaded the tires and wheels into the back of my car.  The next morning, I headed out in the chilly air and got some new tires mounted onto my old rims; they loaded them into my car again and I went back to install them on my trailer.

IDirty hands! kept the original spare – a 1965 tire with the weird size (6.50 13 – this numbering system was only used from 1965 to 1970 or so… the things you get to learn when doing research!) and absolutely no inflation information on the sidewall.  Nowadays, they put all kinds of stuff on the sidewall of a tire but back then, size was the only thing they wanted to know, I guess.  But for a 48-year-old tire, it’s in great shape and even holds air!

So, after a lot of huffing and puffing, and wondering why I was sitting on the cold concrete trying to wheedle those big ol’ things into place with all my hands and feet, here she is, my Li’l Homey, my Home Sweet Home, all decked out in new shoes and ready to roll!  No more crashing into the driveways and drainage swales in parking lots!

All ready to roll!A special thanks to my cousin’s husband, Bill, for the loan of the tools and for lending a hand at the beginning of this project a couple of days earlier.  I love getting my hands dirty and if I can use tools in the process, I’m ecstatic!  Whee!

Baby Got New Shoes!
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2 thoughts on “Baby Got New Shoes!

  • December 26, 2013 at 6:51 pm

    Looks great! I need to learn to do some things myself, my little home needs some work.. I think fear is the main thing holding me back. Congrats on tackling it yourself! (even if with some help!)

    • December 31, 2013 at 6:13 pm

      Thanks!! Isn’t trying things yourself a great experience? I love my tools… I love working with my hands, and everything about getting them dirty, whether it’s with machine oil, sawdust, or dirt from gardening. It’s been my experience that I do much better fixing things myself without “help” – it usually goes faster and easier! Go ahead and try tackling some things on your own… the satisfaction you’ll get is well worth it!

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