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The Chinese Year of the Water Dragon comes around once every 60 years and I was born smack dab in the middle of the last one.  I hope you enjoy this pictorial look back on the past twelve months of my life on the road!

Year of the Dragon
Celebrating the Year of the Dragon in San Diego, CA
My name in Chinese
My name written in Chinese
Quartzsite, AZ
Camping in Quartzsite, AZ
Dinah & Sierra doing the driving
Dinah is driving and Sierra is along for the ride…
Rosarita Beach, Baja
The Rosarita Beach Hotel, Baja, Mexico
Sunset in Baja
Sunset over the beach in Baja
Sunset over the pier in Baja
Moon over the pier in Baja
Horseback riding on the beach in Baja
Horseback riding on the beach in Baja
Darren & Corie - cousins from PA
Meeting cousin Darren & wife Corie for the first time – sunset in Carlsbad, CA
Monrovia High School
A drive-by of the ol’ alma mater – Monrovia High School
Li'l Homey
My new little home-to-be in its “native environment”
Holly the Horse
Holly the Horse in Vista, CA
Linda's flowers
Linda’s lilies
OG & Gracie
Gracie disappeared on my watch for 11 days – blurry pic taken with brother OG the day she came back.  I was so glad she reappeared!
The 19-footer finds a new home
The 19-footer heads out to a new home with a San Diego sailor.
All packed up and headed north for the last time
All packed up and ready to leave San Diego, heading north to Washington.
Vineyards in Central California
Vineyards in Central California
Louise, my intrepid traveler
Louise, my intrepid traveler
Driving in San Francisco at night
Midnight driving down Van Ness through San Francisco
Northern California redwoods
Redwoods in Northern California
Welcome to Oregon
Welcome to Oregon
It's foggy in Oregon
Although I’ve heard about the beautiful southern Oregon coast, I didn’t see it due to the thick fog.
Compass Coffee macchiato
Welcome back to Washington! A real macchiato!
Breakfast with Cole & Ella
Oh yeah, we’re back in Oregon! Breakfast with Cole and Ella.
The things you sometimes have to do to find a geocache!
Venus transition
Louise left us on the day of the Venus Transit. I think she picked a cool day to move on in her journey.  Louise, I know you’re enjoying the Rainbow Bridge with your sister, Thelma!  (photo by others)


On the road with Li'l Homey
On the road with Li’l Homey
Oregon beach sunset
Sunset at Seaside, Oregon
Li'l Homey filled up with balloons!
Li’l Homey was filled with balloons for my birthday – what a surprise it was coming home to this!
Dragon Cake by Tricia
Tricia made a vegan dragon cake for my Year of the Dragon birthday – it was quite tasty!
Copper Kitty and Dinah Dog
Copper Kitty and Dinah Dog
Geocaching with Andrew & Reina
A shadow photo op with Andrew & Reina while out geocaching
Maverick joined the Stoddard family during the summer.
Mark & Nick return from Italy with Venetian masks for Cole & Ella
Mark & Nick returned from Italy, bearing Venetian masks for Cole & Ella.
Isabelle, the international traveler
Isabelle the International Traveler returns from Italy.
Quilt shop hop - a first for me!
Little Stitches – a quilt shop hop, a first for me!
Li'l Homey gets a face-lift
Li’l Homey gets a face-lift
Mark at the Oregon Garden
Mark watches the miniature train at the Oregon Garden in Silverton.
Meeting Tama Kieves
I met my author-hero, Tama Kieves. What a hoot she is!
silver falls camping
Mark, Nick & I camped at Silver Falls, OR, along with Isabelle Pug and Dinah Dog.
Winter comes
Winter brought ice crystals
Almond milk macchiato
Almond milk macchiato. What a way to end the year!

So who are all those people mentioned above?

Dinah & Louise – my traveling partners until Louise left for the Rainbow Bridge in June

Mark & Nick – my son, his partner, Isabelle’s owners

Andrew & Reina – my geocaching buddy and his niece

Stoddards – Tricia, her kids Cole & Ella, Maverick & Copper’s owners

Linda – Holly, OG, Gracie, and Sierra’s owner, Tricia’s mom

Darren & Corie – my cousin and his wife

Thank you for coming along with me through the photo highlights as we traveled this past year.  Join us as we celebrate the Year of the Black Snake on Sunday, February 10th.


A Pictorial Look Back at the Year of the Water Dragon
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