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I recently began a journey into eating raw, eating vegan.  Eating vegan raw, raw vegan.  I’m not willing to throw food out on purpose so I’ll be eating stuff I currently have in my fridge and cupboards but it will be added to raw and/or vegan instead of the other way around.

Initially I thought I would be hungry or bored or craving warm or hot food.  None of that has happened yet and I don’t think it will.  I’m discovering new ways to combine foods that I already have with a few foods that I’ve purchased, adding a sauce or seasoning that ties it all together.  I’ve even combined a few things together that I won’t be putting into the same bowl ever again…what an adventure eating is!

I started this because I needed to try something different to try to lose weight, get healthier, stop the pain, get more energy, feel better.  When I eat only raw stuff, I feel so good!  I have more energy, my belly doesn’t hurt, I feel like I could walk for miles before stopping.  Then I eat a piece of toast or some yogurt and it all comes back – the pain, the sluggish feeling, the rock in my gut.

I’ll be writing here once in awhile, talking about my experience converting to raw and vegan.

Update: February 1, 2011 – this eating experiment didn’t last very long.  Although it was delicious and I loved the feeling of raw food in my body, it was too difficult to create good food in the raw, vegan format so I have switched to the typical Weight Watchers program which is much more easily accommodated.

A New Eating Adventure
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