There’s a New Labyrinth Near Quartzsite, Arizona

There’s a new labyrinth out in the desert just outside Quartzsite, Arizona.  Conceived by Ella and built mostly by her own efforts over the course of a week or so, along with a few volunteers who placed a rock or two, this labyrinth uses rocks from the surrounding area to define its pathway.  Whether it’s early morning or late afternoon, the experience is simply magical – as you can see from the photos below, the time of day changed the coloring of the surrounding area significantly.

Labyrinths have been around for many, many years.  Using Ella’s own description placed at the beginning of the path, “labyrinths have been found from Peru to Siberia, India to Arizona, and Africa to Scandinavia, dating back 5,000 years.  A labyrinth is a path of prayer; a walking meditation; a crucible of change; a watering hole for the spirit; a mirror of the soul.”

Late afternoon walking

Late afternoon walking

Enter here - the beginning of the path

Enter here – the beginning of the path

Early morning view

Early morning – the rising sun shines on the western hills

Even dogs like walking the labyrinth

Even dogs like walking the labyrinth, although they walk their own path!

Labyrinth info at the beginning of the path

Labyrinth information at the beginning of the path

If you’ve never had the experience of walking a labyrinth, perhaps finding one near you and spending a few minutes of peace and quiet while you experience walking a pathway that’s been around for thousands of years will be just the thing you need to slow down from the world’s hectic pace and bring a little serenity into your own spirit. Who knows?  It certainly can’t hurt anything!

Check out these links for more information about labyrinths and to find one near you:

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Many thanks to Ella for the labyrinth!  Hopefully, it’s location will find it’s way into the online databases for others to enjoy as much as we did!

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3 Responses to There’s a New Labyrinth Near Quartzsite, Arizona

  1. Debbie says:

    really cool Lois! Nice thing to photograph

  2. Ella says:

    Thanks, Lois!