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Wow!  Did anyone else feel that big energy thingy that happened in mid-January?  Did your relationships have a crisis?  Did your body have a crisis of its own?  Did you get really sick or maybe injured?  Break a bone or something?  Was there a situation at work that seemed to be way out of “normal”?  Did your family seemingly blow apart at the seams over something that you would have weathered more easily just a few short years ago?  Do you feel like what “worked” for you in any given situation in the past just doesn’t seem to be working for you any more?  Or maybe all of the above?

Well, take heart – you’re not alone!  There are many of us who are feeling the same things in our daily lives.

If you’re feeling this along with me, you’ve probably also felt that, over the past months or in some cases, even years, we’ve had a time of quiet, a time to relax, a time to reflect, even though it might have been tough to do for those of us who are used to being active.  We’ve had some time and space to get more centered, if we took the down-time opportunity to go inside ourselves and look around.  If we did quiet ourselves, we’re now feeling less inclined to panic when the stuffing of our lives seems to be coming apart.  It’s beginning to feel more like the boat we call our lives is moving with the winds instead of being sunk in the ocean by the raging storm going on around us.

I’ve recently heard from numerous people who’ve said they feel like things are definitely changing for all of us here on Planet Earth.  The months of “I feel like something is happening but I don’t know what” are changing to “Holy cow!  What was that!?” The unsettled-ness felt individually is being felt collectively as evidenced by the recent events all over our globe, including the “natural disasters” that seem to be taking place more and more frequently.  (a side note: don’t just watch or read the US news; find some international news on the internet or watch the BBC news – you’ll get a little more information and a lot more perspective if you do.)

My words for you, and for me, are that we slow down and think before reacting as we might have done in the past.  Take some time to process the event, whatever it is, and find a place in it that’s peaceful and positive.  Know that the Universe, God, Spirit, Allah, Jehovah, or whatever word you use to describe the force within us that’s greater than our physical bodies, is the one thing that connects us all to each other, that centers us, that brings us peace, that above all else is Love.  We are collectively One.

My wish for all of us is laughter in our days, peace in our souls, joy in our spirits.  Oh, and ROCK ON!

Shift Happening!
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