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Salad for dinner.  Sounds like a diet, doesn’t it?  I made a salad to go with the BLTC’s that Linda is making for dinner tonight, but it’s no diet food.  I think it’s probably a little healthier than most fat-dressing, crouton-laden, grated cheese covered salad but it’s just a side dish to the BLTC’s.

  • BLTC – that’s bacon, lettuce, tomato, and cheese.  Sometimes we have BLTCA’s, which is the addition of avocados but tonight, we don’t have any ripe avos so BLTC’s it is.

Tonight’s salad is actually a broccoli slaw – grated and chopped fresh raw broccoli, dried cranberries (not craisins, which are full of added sugar), crushed pineapple in it’s own juice, chopped up raw almonds, with a poppy seed/caramelized onion salad dressing.

Sounds good!  And it’s not even 2 PM yet….

Salad for Dinner
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