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Today, as I consider the lack of momentum, the lack of moving forward, the lack of progression, I want to talk about the abundance of time, of food, of ideas, of creativity, of warmth, of sun, of thoughts.  It is without a doubt the slowest, longest day I’ve ever had, moving forward at the speed of drunk, broken-legged snails.  It is too warm, too dry, too sultry, too everything and I am unable to get my brain to do anything except complain.  As I bitch in my head, as my brain complains, as my thoughts wander around uselessly, I’m reminded that I have a dry place to sleep tonight, a great salad to eat with Linda’s BLTC’s for dinner, hot water coming out of the trailer faucets, a dog that barks too much, and a cat that sleeps all day.  I have over 1400 Facebook “friends,” continuous Twitter followers showing up, numerous requests for my money in the form of internet marketers, and way too much free time.  In another day and place, I never had any of these things, especially the “time” thing.  I had money to go and do and see and be but no time to go/do/see/be.  What has happened?  It’s Friday afternoon and I’m bored.  I have a list of crap to do, no motivation to do any of it.

So this great suggestion came to me, via a FB friend in England:

  • Guess it’s time to go deep, remember who you are, and what inspires you……in essence what purpose am I here for. Let that re-ignite inspiration which will create its own momentum…..for now be inspired by the gratitude of having life it…self and being part of a wonderful plan…even if your exact role in it is sometimes a little confusing. Create a little project for others benefit and bless it with love…..it might be a detour…but one in the right direction!!! Just don’t forget to smile at all times, though.

Now, going deep and remembering sounds like work right now.  But I can do is this: ask myself two questions and give at least 6 answers to each.  Here are the questions:

  • What went well this year?
  • What did not go well this year?

As well as looking for the answer to what inspires me….remembering who I am….

Go Deep, Remember Who I Am and What Inspires Me