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I spent a couple of days in Baja recently.  I love Baja!  It’s been years since I’ve been down there and boy, did I realize how much I’ve missed it!  Ah, Baja…. sweet, sweet Baja…

The sunsets were divine, sent by Spirit to calm an anxious soul.  The ocean was more than delightful and wonderful in the continuous, non-stop waves that lulled the senses into that feel-good place that never wants to leave.

The food – oh, the food!  The tastiest guacamole!  The freshest tortillas!  The amazing rice and beans!  Oh, the food!  MMmmmm….. takes me right back to Baja just remembering the flavors of Mexico in every succulent bite.

The three days ended with a horse-back ride on the beach in the early morning… Mamo and I had our own personal guide who rode along with us as we walked through the waves, enjoying the salt spray and coolness of the splashing water.  Such a great ending to a beautiful few days.

Only in Baja!
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