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Heading back south to So. Cal., land of sun and warmth…. and I’m already set to remind myself of the cold and wet spring we just had in the Pacific Northwest when it’s too hot to breathe in the southwest. Funny how the weather gives us something to talk about when there doesn’t seem to be anything else.

Beautiful pink sunrise sky this morning – from where we were sitting at the rest stop, with the tall trees and green hills surrounding us, that’s all we could see….just a pink sky.  The big rigs were idling their motors behind us, the cars on either side of us with their sleeping drivers fogging up the windows, birds chirping their hello’s to the morning, and we were walking, stretching, eating a kibble breakfast (ok, that was Dinah!), and a bite of cheese (that was me) before folding ourselves back into the seats and rolling down the on-ramp towards a gasoline fill-up and an Americano with wifi – Grants Pass, gotta love ya!

Peace out!

On the Road Again!
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One thought on “On the Road Again!

  • June 8, 2010 at 2:50 pm

    nice to see you headed south keep in touch !! I am living through you vicariously!!! LOL!!

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