Issues. Having Issues.

Issues.  Don’t we all have issues on occasion?

Well, I’m having issues with my blog site.  So many of the posts I write or want to write (or have written, just not sent yet) have lots of photos to add to them, like the hike to Rowena Crest in the Columbia River Gorge during the wildflower bloom a couple of weeks ago, and the camping trip to the Oregon Coast last week, and my site is not loading pics properly.

To me, pics make a huge difference in how a blog post reads – I really like reading the posts of others when there are lots of pics – so I haven’t sent any of the posts I’ve written that I can’t get the photos into.

I hope you’ll bear with me!  It’s been very frustrating and aggravating. In fact, I’m sure I’m snatching myself bald and I fairly certain when I looked in the mirror this morning, I had a bunch more grey hairs and wrinkles than I did a few weeks ago.

Please know that I’m working hard to fix this issue!

Thank you for all your good thoughts and positive vibes!

Think I’ll have another cup of tea. Or maybe I should make it a shot of tequila.

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8 Responses to Issues. Having Issues.

  1. raz says:

    RELAX!!! post less often. talk less. post pics. you don’t have to post everything every day. we know how to get from diego to portland. just show us the pics that blow you out of the water. they will be great to us. i’m an old freak. i’ve made runs up an down the coast in the 60s. lived around new mex and az.

    your pics are great and i’ve not seen 1 thing from back then in your pics. good. just RELAX and post when it’s fun, this ain’t a job or i don’t think it is.

    peaceup raz

    • Lois says:

      I’m relaxed! I’ll be even more relaxed once I can get pics to post… thanks for the encouragement! Much appreciated :)

  2. Kimberly says:

    Have to agree with raz, have fun with it and pictures are what most of us usually enjoy! Hope all is well other than the site because if that’s all you have to worry about, wow your lucky! Also I think it’s hard to snatch your head bald! LOL Cheers Kimberly

    • Lois says:

      It’s the pics I’m having issues with, Kimberly! They won’t load to my site… I agree, pics are what I like to see, too. The PNW is so gorgeous this time of year, what with all the flowers blooming and the sun shining, I just want to share those pics with everyone! Thanks for all your support – I appreciate it! 😀

  3. Marilyn says:

    Lois, PLEASE don’t snatch your hair bald!!! And stay away from mirrors. Scary stuff!!!! Smiiiiiiiiles.