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I go to Disneyland a lot – I have an annual pass that I get to use as much as possible.

I eat an ice cream on Main Street; I wander around; I get on a ride with a short line; I check my iPhone MouseWait app to see there the shortest lines are; I check out the petting zoo; I eat the lunch in my backpack; I watch a little kid looking up at Goofy.  I just enjoy being there.

Today is the first day I can return after the two weeks of black-out days during Christmas that accompany my cheap pass….(well, actually, yesterday the the first official day but it was pouring rain yesterday so I decided to go today).  When I bought the pass, I figured the 365-days pass would include days that no one in their right mind should be attempting to go to D-land, so I opted for the one that only allows me to get in the gate 215 times a year – plenty of days in which to soak up some Disney magic.

The title of my blog post today is from an advertising campaign that Disney aired in the late 1980s after the Super Bowl games held at the beginning of the year.  The ads featured athletes and other stars and the phrase became a popular way of saying that one was going to have a good time, even if Disneyland wasn’t in the mix.  At least, that’s the way I think of it and that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Today, after a rather rough ending to 2010 and a tedious beginning to 2011, I plan on relaxing for a few hours, maybe getting that ice cream on Main Street, seeing Captain EO, and then riding the Storybook Boats.  Since my pass also includes California Adventure next door, I’ll probably go ride something over there or at least, hang out some…. I’ve never really spent much time over there, other than the three major attractions of the Tower of Terror, the California Soaring, and the California Screamin’ so I think it’s time to just get a taste of what’s happening in Anaheim today.

At least, my spirits will rise, my adrenaline will flow, and I’ll get some Vitamin D while I’m at it.  Wish you could go with me!

I’m Going to Disneyland!
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