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I did get to see Goofy today (see post before this one) with a little kid who looked as happy as, well, as a kid who was with Goofy at Disneyland would look.  Goofy always looks kinda goofy, doesn’t he?  But handsome as can be dressed up as an aviator next to a shiny flying machine….

The crowds were gone today; the Pirates of the Caribbean wait was only about 3 minutes long, the Jungle Cruise about 10 minutes and other than that, it was a gorgeous, sunny, clear, blue-sky kinda day in Anaheim, CA, where Mickey and his friends put on a show like they always do at the Happiest Place on Earth.  Yep, and even the people in the crowds were friendly!

The peace of just sitting on a shady bench on Main Street, listening to the Mary Poppins band play “A Spoonful of Sugar” off in the distance somewhere, and watching the world go by was hanging in the air today…. and I took advantage of it with all my heart.

Wish you were here….

Just Another Day at Disneyland
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