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Ah, food…. where would we be without it?  Well, dead, of course.  At least, these things we call earth-suits would no longer continue to exist.

Perhaps we came here just to experience food in all it’s tasty glory, in all it’s spicy pepper-ness, in all it’s sugary sweetness.  Perhaps our bodies are simply storage tanks for sensations – food, intimacy, emotions, sun on our skins.

But what would happen if we emptied the reservoirs every day?  What would we get up every morning deciding to fill up with that day?  Would we fill our tanks with dirt or horse manure?  Probably not.  We’d pick the tastiest, most juiciest, most delectable things we could find to add to our buckets, because deep down, I think we know that those things are the best things for us, the best things to get us through our days, the best things to move us forward.

So how about today, you try an experiment with me – let’s fill our tanks with good food, fun thoughts, amazing adventures, and see if the end of the day feels better from the inside out.

What do you think?

Food, Glorious Food!
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