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Sing along with me, to the tune of Rod Stewart’s I Am Sailing:

I am floating, I am floating,  In warm water, ‘cross the sea.

I am floating in buoyant waters, To be restful, to be free.

That’s exactly what I mean when I say that floating in a float tank feels just like floating away, across the sea, restful and free.

It is the most liberating and relaxing experience to be in complete and utter darkness, with the sound of one’s heartbeat and breathing the only thing you hear, floating in pure nothingness.

It is decadence beyond imagination.

It is freedom, pure and simple.

If you’re looking to give yourself a gift this Valentine’s Day, check out your local float tanks…. then let me know if you agree with me!  Or if you’ve already floated or are still a floater, post a comment below and let me know what your experiences have been inside the tank.

In the meantime, wherever life takes you, float away, everybody!

Floating Away….
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