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As young as I can remember, I have felt like I was not a part of this world, like I was dropped here from outer space, like God was playing a joke on me, like at any moment, I would wake up and find God laughing at me and with me.

Now I know that I am not alone in this feeling; even though I haven’t connected with anyone who has felt this strongly about this, I know there are others of us out there who are caught in this in-between world, this game between the spaces, this just-off-center existence that never feels quite right.  We laugh too loud; we sing off-key and don’t care who hears us; we run off on adventures and call them fun when others call them insane; we play with toys, even as old adults; we don’t settle, settle down, settle up or settle anything.  We are a tribe with no leader and with every leader.  We have a voice but it isn’t heard because we are in that in-between space and no one hears us but us.

So does God really exist?

Does God really exist?
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