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My son once told me that I will celebrate the sun coming up.

Got a job promotion?  Let’s go out for ice cream!  Got special recognition for a project you did?  Let’s bake cupcakes!  Got a raise?  Let’s go buy some flowers!  Got an “A” in a really tough class?  Let’s go skiing!  Got a new job?  Let’s have pizza!  Rode a horse for the first time?  Let’s invite the neighbors and eat brownies!  Took your first surfing lesson?  Let’s dance!

It doesn’t really matter what the “thing” to celebrate is – I will celebrate it with you.  It doesn’t have to be something that’s “happening” to me or with me; I just like to celebrate.  Celebration is part of my DNA and it feels like who I am at the very core of my being.  Celebrate, have fun, eat cake!  Well, maybe not cake every time but you get the idea – celebrate and have fun!

Over the years, I’ve celebrated so many things with so many people that I can’t even remember most of them… big things like having babies, little things like, well, like, well, there really aren’t any little things, now are there?  The way I see it, celebrating every big or bigger thing that comes along in our lives here on Planet Earth is one way of accepting it as part of the daily routine of getting up, doing our thing every day, and then having a go at it again the next day.  If we could do this, one day at a time, we would end up putting together a whole bunch of days, back to back, of celebrations that celebrate the joy of living, the harmony of twenty-four hours one hour after another, the wonder of tomorrow morning’s sun rising again, and the shear fun of having a celebration every day of our lives.  Even when we or someone else we know are passing on to another realm, it’s cause for celebration – every one of us did great things while we were here and those things should be celebrated!  Celebrate the sadness and emptiness we might feel at the departure, because that means we are still alive to feel the feelings, but don’t forget to celebrate the spectacular time we had while we are here.

Sometimes during the past few years, I’ve turned a deaf ear to my inner being that celebrates and I’ve not celebrated things I’ve wanted to celebrate.  I’ve not listened to the little voice inside that kept saying “Speak up! Say something!  Let’s celebrate!”  I’ve given away my holiday decorations.  I’ve thrown away my cake pans.  I’ve burned my confetti and streamers.  I’ve stayed home, not celebrating.

Well, no more!  I want to celebrate – with you, with me, with your friends and mine!  Life is way too short to not have fun!

If you find this is true for you, let’s throw out the non-celebrators in our lives, get ourselves some more cake pans, and throw a party!  Invite me!  I’ll invite you!  Bring your dog!

Did the sun come up somewhere today?  Well, let’s have some cupcakes and cinnamon tea and celebrate!

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