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Hi everybody!  I’m back!

It’s taken far longer than I thought necessary to heal my body and get my mind back in working order.  Some nature time, some Dinah Dog time, some good food time, some meditation time, some good music time, some ocean and woods time (not necessarily in that order!) and I feel like I’m back in the land of the living!

Living life as fully as possible sometimes means that I detour into some place that I didn’t expect to be – I call it traveling the scenic route – and that means more than just driving down the road in my car with Li’l Homey at my back.  Sometimes, it means slowing down mentally and physically so I can grow spiritually, so I can explore my connection to the universe.  Sometimes it seems my body just gets “sick” or goes into a hibernation state that could be called a “course correction” and when it comes back out, it’s fired up and ready to take on living once again.  It’s all about finding the balance, isn’t it?

And that’s where I’m at these days.  I’m working on writing the stories about the places Dinah and I have been over the past few months so expect to see something in your inbox soon!

I hope you all have been well and life has continued to move forward for you.  It’s spring here in the Pacific Northwest which means the flowers are beginning to bloom and the sun shows itself occasionally and the rain might even stop or slow down for a day or two.  It’s glorious here and I wish glorious for you, as well!


Break’s Over!
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