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Today, I went to a couple of museums: the Holocaust and Intolerance Museum of New Mexico and the National Nuclear Museum of Science & History.  It was a day spent with the evidence of how horrible, nasty, cruel and ugly human beings can be to one another.  Between the overwhelming displays of genocides around the world and the shells of replica Fat Man and Little Boy nuclear bombs, I feel assaulted.  I am physically drained, mentally fogged, and psychically dampened.

I believe that people are good and that the universe is a safe and happy, welcoming place to be. But after a day like today, I find myself questioning those beliefs, wondering if I’m too blue-sky, too polly-anna, too trusting.  I don’t want to think so.  I want to believe that people are good.

Think I’ll go meditate, eat some dinner, get a good night’s sleep… then maybe I can continue this post when my brain can make some sense out of the words flying around in it.


A Day Spent With the Evidence of Cruel, Nasty Human Beings
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