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I’m spending my Valentine’s afternoon with Bruce.  Bruce Willis, that is.  Of course, it’s a one-sided date – he doesn’t even know I exist!

Wow – did that sound like junior high school or what!?

I do love Bruce Willis’ movies and his new one just came out today so I’m off to see it, just him and me.  I’ll grab some popcorn and a bottle of water and just hang out with one of my favorite action movie stars for a couple of hours.  It’s going to be fun!

… and the title is a good one, too – I used it a few years ago the first time I went skydiving (with an “it’s” in front and without the “hard” at the end).  <big grin>  Yes, indeed, it is.

It's a Good Day to Die Hard
It’s a Good Day to Die Hard
– photo courtesy imdb


Valentine’s Date with Bruce
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