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At least once a day, during some part of the day, I want to quit.

Quit eating healthy food.  Quit brushing the dog.  Quit paying the bills.  Quit sweeping the floor.  Quit being “responsible.” Quit washing dishes. Quit, quit, quit.  Just quit.

Of course, the thoughts of quitting are fleeting but just the same, I want to quit.  Every day.   I know I can’t be alone in this wanting to quit business.  So what is it that keeps us from quitting when we’re tired of life as it is right now?  Why do we get up every morning, wash our faces, comb our hair, and set out to make it through the day so we can do the same thing the next day?  Is it the hope that tomorrow might be different?  That something will happen to make it so we don’t want to quit?

Is there anyone out there who doesn’t want to quit once in awhile? Is there ever a time when you don’t at least think about quitting?

When I’m not taking time for myself and doing things that are just for me, the thoughts of quitting pop up more often.  So if you’re like me and the thought of quitting cruises through your mind on occasion, try doing a little something for yourself – get that yummy chocolate bar you’ve been wanting, stop what you’re doing to watch the glowing sun as it sets over the horizon, read that book you’ve had the shelf forever, go for a walk around the block, take the time to smell the roses.  You just might see me out there with you.

Right now, I think I’m going to go eat a bowl of chocolate ice cream…. before the thought of quitting stops me.

I Just Want to Quit
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