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A couple of days ago, a blog I follow called Just Be. Love All. Live Life. issued a photo challenge for the month of February.   The topic of the challenge is Love and there are twenty-eight “love”-related words to inspire a photo of the day.  It’s a good topic, don’t you think?  So, today being February 1st and the first day of the challenge, I checked the list of words and found that today’s word is Adore.  The challenge is to take a photo every day that illustrates the word of the day.

IMG_4776So here’s my photo: I adore Cole and Ella, the kids of my good friends, Seth and Tricia.  These kids love to have their pictures taken so I thought it would be a slam-dunk adorable photo to go with my adoration of these two little muffins.  But no.  Cole decided he didn’t want to have his photo taken so I had Ella run over to sit near him and this is the ONLY photo I was able to get.  Love it!

You, too, can join the challenge!  Just go to belovelive.com and let Liz know!  It’ll be fun to see everyone’s photos!

Oh, and check out her writing – maybe you want to follow her stories as well… I’ve really enjoyed reading her postings.

I’ll be posting my pics on Facebook and here on my blog.  #bllphotoaday


Calling All Photo-takers! Photo Challenge Just Beginning!
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2 thoughts on “Calling All Photo-takers! Photo Challenge Just Beginning!

    • February 2, 2013 at 5:47 pm

      Hi Nancy! I thought the photo was pretty funny… leave it to kids to change the game plan!

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