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I thought I could only have 5000 friends.  At least, that’s what Facebook told me.  So that’s what I set about trying to get – 5000 friends and only 5000 friends!  When did the maximum number get raised?  Did I miss the memo?  Dang, I’m always the last one to know.

Ol’ what’s-his-name here on the right has 5002 friends.  That’s two more than 5000.  Cathy’s one of his friends.

And until a few minutes ago, I was, too.

Facebook friending has lost it’s shiny-ness for me.  I love the connections that I’ve made over the last couple of years, but friending new people just doesn’t have the appeal it did a few short months ago.  And since building an empire on FB isn’t fun for me any more, I’m not going to do it.  Right now.  Of course, like everything else around this thing we call life, this decision might change, too.  <big smiley happy face right here>

If you’re still having fun with it, build away, baby, ’cause you really can have more than 5000 in your friend list.  Add those people who are friends of friends.  Add your dog’s friends.  Add your mom’s friends.  It is a great way to connect and have fun.  I’ve met some amazing people there and even though we haven’t been friends in the traditional sense of the word as we’ve used it, we’ve connected, and I feel like I would know them in a crowded room without even being properly introduced.  We’re friends!

It’s all about the fun in life – the times we play, the things we do, think, eat, smell, read that tickle our funny bones, the people that make us laugh, the pets that keep us smiling.  Keep these things close to you, delete the rest, and move on.  Build your empire on a foundation of fun and adventure.

Oh, by the way, if I unfriend you and you really are my friend, just chalk it up to a senior moment on my part and add me back into your friend-base.  Don’t hold it against me, please!  After all, aren’t we really just re-defining what “friends” are, anyway?

Building an Empire – Proof That You CAN Have More than 5000 Friends
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